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This will keep your hat in the best of shapes through a long journey.

Hat Shape

How to Keep it's shape?

The most common question we get is, “someone sat on my hat”. How can I bring the shape back to life? The answer depends on the material and quality of the hat. If it’s a furfelt or wool hat, these can most often be brought back to original form fairly easily using steam from a kettle or clothes steamer. Rotate your hat over the steam, just enough to soften the felt and you should be able to form it back to shape using your hands. On a side-note, crown shapes can usually be minimally altered to personal preference using the same technique. As far as straw hats are concerned if damaged or crushed, they’re a little more difficult to work with, so if badly damaged, it may be time for a new chapeau.


How to Store Your Hat(s)

If you hang your hat, try to hang on a wide and dull hook. When travelling, the best way to ensure your hat doesn’t lose its shape and form is to wear it! If you must pack it and cannot use your hat box, place it in your bag or suitcase surrounded by soft clothes, with the brim in its original shape. This will protect your favourite hat from any un-necessary bumps and bruises along the way.


How to Clean Your Hat(s)?

For a quick and easy clean to remove dust and minimal dirt, brush your hat gently using a brush. To remove a minor stain, try to visit a hat store as hat stains can be tricky.

Additional Tips


When storing your hat always store it away from natural sunlight. Over time direct sunlight fades the colour of your hat.

Do Not

Do not leave your hat in your car for extended periods of time. The direct sunlight can fade its color, and the humidity can alter its shape and actual size. Try your best to not wear your hat in heavy rain. A little rain shower or snowfall here and there will not hurt, but if your hat becomes soaking wet for a long duration of time, this may alter its shape. If your hat is made from a structured (not packable/foldable) material, please don’t attempt to crush it or fold it, as this could damage the crown and brim shape.
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